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This kind of interview is often the first contact with an employer. A phone interview is also used when candidates reside in other countries. The most important thing to remember in phone interviewing is that you are working towards a face to face discussion. Phone interviewing techniques.

  • Show enthusiasm. Remember that you do not have the advantage of interview body language.
  • Hold the receiver well. The mouthpiece should be 5 cm from your lips. Speak normally or a notch slower.
  • Make sure there is no background music.
  • Switch your mobile phone off.
  • Switch your computer speaker off.
  • Switch the front bell off (if you can).
  • Lock your pets away.
  • Avoid being too cheerful or overly concern.
  • Make a list of things to say and of your strengths and keep them handy.
  • Practice a phone interview with a friend.
  • Always be positive even if this job change has not been your choice.
  • Do not smoke, chew gum or drink tea during the interview.
  • Avoid salary discussions in a phone interview.
  • Ask when it is convenient to meet for a face to face interview.

Overview of phone interviews
Show interest and enthusiasm. Keep the receiver in front of your lips and speak clearly and slowly. Do not use slang and try to minimize accents. Write notes and do Job Interview Preparation and Wage Research. Concentrate on your positive in the phone interview. At the close of the phone interview ask for a face to face interview.


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