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Curriculum vitae making

Want to make yourself look more attractive than the next person and sell yourself at that job interview? Here are some tips to help you come up with a presentable and honest resume.

The last thing employers need when looking at CVs are long, disorganized and boring resumes! Remember to get to the point and try to spare the details.

The only way to launch your career in style is through a well-designed CV.

TIP 1 - Easy to read text
The font you use should be easy to read and clear - and large enough to be legible (no smaller than size 8!) if it is too much work for the employer they'll get rid of your CV! So avoid that.

TIP 2 - Spelling and Grammar
Some companies rule out CVs with spelling mistakes and just don't read them, so obviously make sure you checked and rechecked your CV! Make use of italicizing, capital letters, underlining, bolding, indentations and bullets to emphasize your important points.

Personal details: The first title for your CV these should be BASICS but also include in it gender, marital status(believe it or not your employer may need this to judge your level of maturity), and include any other languages you speak this will be to your advantage!

TIP 3 - Professional Contact Addresses
We're living in a world that is slowly been taken over by computers so get yourself an email address just in case they decide to e-mail you their response. If you already have one make sure it doesn't have your nickname like the one I had This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , this is a NO! NO!

TIP 4 - Experience and qualifications
Include an objective. Put more emphasis on your experiences and qualifications that the employer is seeking. Use plenty of positive words - dynamic, self-motivated, flexible, keen for this is what is going to differentiate you from the other people applying.

Begin sentences with descriptive action verbs, such as established, analyzed, implemented, designed or organized. They add power to your sentences by demonstrating actions.

TIP 5 -Brainstorm and highlight skills and strengths
Brain storm and summarize your skills. Most people underestimate the part-time jobs they take part in. What you spent your time doing there are all relevant and surely you gained some form of skill, include them in your CV (but don't forget relevance to what you are applying for)
List your skills using bullets this is a good highlighting tool. E.g.: if you are applying for a personal assistant post include relevant information

  • Minutes
  • 102 words per minute
  • Short hand
  • Computer literacy

Concentrate on what you can offer the employer.

TIP 6 - Choose the right CV format
There are 3 types of CVs, select the right format.

Chronological - Suitable for those who have a working history. This includes work experience and list of professional experiences in-order from the least recent.

Functional - Concentrates on skills and qualifications

Combination - Works well for the first time job seeker as they only point out professional experience but also draw more attention to your skills since your work experience is probably limited.